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Bonnie Foster

About Us
Our Expertise

I'm a Certified Real Estate Transaction

Coordinator and Licensed Real Estate Agent in California. My team and I offer the highest quality service and are extremely knowledgeable in the Real Estate business! We are very responsive and available to assist you 7 days a week with your Real Estate Transaction.

I'm there with you from the moment you get the contract signed, till the moment escrow closes & your commission clears. My mission as a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator's is to carry your process smoothly from contract to close so you can focus on your actual business. 

What is a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

What is a Transaction Coordinator? A person who assists the agent or broker in the processing of the Real Estate Broker file. The Transaction Coordinator also manages information, paperwork, and following up of contractual items. At the close of escrow the TC will package the final broker file.

  • Creates new escrow in a transaction management system

  • Process all paperwork for the real estate broker file

  • Sends out documents to all parties of the transaction

  • Reviews contract and disclosures for compliance with BRE and Broker guidelines

  • Follows up on contractual deadlines

  • Works closely with escrow to ensure all reports including city reports have been ordered and received

  • Upload a file to your drive for you and your clients.

  • Provides Weekly Status Updates and so much more!!

Statistics show that on average an agent spends up to 19 hours on a transaction from opening to close of escrow. That is why our top priority is to provide the solutions you need to help free your time so you can focus on growing your business!

You probably didn’t become a real estate agent because of your love of paperwork.  Let us help you with that!  Re-focus your energy on the parts of your business that help you grow.  We’ll chase the forms down for you.  Uploading, splitting, assigning, checking for signatures, satisfying a checklist…it’s our passion!

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